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My Story

"Mindset is everything"

Born and raised in France by British parents, I grew up in a town called 'Saint Aubin de Medoc' just outside of Bordeaux.

I studied Interior Design between Bordeaux and Paris during witch I won 1st and 2nd place in regional design competitions. 

I've always been an ambitious person witch pushed me to fly out to the UAE for an internship in Dubaï. That experience developed an entrepreneurial mindset that gave me the desire to become my own boss and start my first business back in Bordeaux.

B.Design is my first but not the only one. I joined an MLM company that was a great experience in team building and growing from Executive Team Trainer to Team Coordinator in less than 1 year grew my confidence and made me one of the best in France that same year. I used that experience to move on to a new business at the start of the Bitcoin industry.

Developing businesses on my own, in big teams and small teams over the last 10 years developed my contacts, grew my mindset and taught me that my mistakes and failures are the best things that happened to me. They are the key to my successes.

Today I am at the head of my own businesses. Some are live and some are still ideas, but building a business from an idea is what drives me.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset & mindset is everything.

My Story
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